Sun-Kissed Brows: 6 Tips for Long-Lasting Vacation Beauty

Sun-Kissed Brows: 6 Tips for Long-Lasting Vacation Beauty

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Planning a getaway? Don't let your brows be an afterthought! Perfect brows deserve some extra love, especially when basking in the sunshine. Here at Brow Spa, we want your brows to be on fleek throughout your entire vacation.


Here are 6 tips to keep your brows looking their best:

1. Water is Your Brow BFF!

Washing your brows daily with cool water is your first line of defence. This removes sweat, dirt, and sunscreen build-up, keeping your skin clean and the pigment lasting longer.

2. Prep Like a Pro! ⏱️

Scheduling your brow appointment at least 48 hours before your trip is key. This allows your skin time to heal and ensures you can follow aftercare instructions for optimal results.

3. Oil Control is Key!

Avoid oil-based sunscreens near your brows, as they can break down the tint. Opt for non-oily sunscreens to protect your skin without affecting your brows. ☀️

4. Limit Pool Time! ‍♀️

While a refreshing dip is tempting, chlorine can fade and dry out your brows. Minimise face time with the pool and rinse your brows with clean water afterward.

5. Sweat Less, Glow More! ✨

Carry a clean face towel to gently dab away sweat throughout the day. This keeps your brows fresh and prevents smudging.

6. Laminated Brows: Extra TLC!

For our laminated brow queens, daily brow oiling is crucial. It prevents dryness and maintains that perfect lift.


Brow Spa Miracle Oil: Your Vacation Must-Have!

Wondering what's in the picture? It's our Brow Spa Miracle Oil – an essential addition to your vacation beauty bag! This powerhouse formula, packed with 12 key vegan ingredients, deeply hydrates and conditions your brows. It keeps them nourished and protected throughout your travels, ensuring they stay picture-perfect, no matter your adventure.


Ready to Book Your Pre-Vacation Brows?

Schedule your appointment today and jet set off with confidence, knowing your brows are on point!


Click the link below to book your treatment with Brow HQ:

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Let us know in the comments below your favourite brow tip for vacation!

Happy travels and happy brows!

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