About us

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BROW SPA™ is on a mission to cultivate a world where everyone prioritises self-care and embraces their natural beauty. We achieve this by providing a sanctuary dedicated to ethically sourced ingredients based products fostering relaxation, and promoting inner peace. Through our signature rituals and expert guidance, we empower individuals to discover their own definition of self-care and inner beauty.



We envision a future where self-care is not a luxury, but a fundamental pillar of well-being. We see BROW SPA™ as a global haven, fostering a community that celebrates self-love, relaxation, and the transformative power of cruelty free products. Picture a world where vegan and cruelty-free products reign supreme. This is the future we strive to create.


In our fast-paced world, a BROW SPA™ experience offers a tranquil escape. Our founder, Leisa Roberts, a beauty industry expert, envisioned a ritual that nourished both the outer and inner self. This vision led to the creation of the BROW SPA™ experience - a unique blend of luxury and self-care.